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Our shop is now located in beautiful Litchfield, Ohio or as we like to say, 33 miles East from the starting line at Norwalk Raceway Park.

We believe in building one carburetor at a time, relying on over 40 years of tuning experience. Every carburetor is personally built & calibrated by the owner. Our secrets are closely guarded by our trusty "carb-dog" Buddy. He has been the  the best "carb-dog" ever. Now it is getting time for him to retire.  He will be passing the torch to Odie his brother from another mother.  They will share in the work for now.  Buddy has a lot of training to do.  We love them both.

We attend select IHRA, NHRA, NMRA,  NMCA and ADRL races for on-site tuning & assistance. This is why we believe that we are The Best Little Carb Shop In Racing. We believe that support & service after the sale is equally important as the original sale.

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